Hello there. Did you know that veterans in Texas could presently qualify for medical marijuana under the new law that has been set? If you didn’t hear about this news earlier, we would like to welcome you to this lovely piece. Today we would be talking about everything you need to know because veterans now living in Texas could easily qualify for marijuana medically due to the brand new law. Read this piece till the end and find out more.

Which type of Veteran Texans qualify for medical marijuana from this new law?

From the looks of things, we here feel only veteran Texans suffering from either cancer or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder could now make use of medical marijuana under this brand new law.

What is the New Law on Medical Marijuana all about?

After taking effect, this brand new law has doubled the specific amount of medical marijuana users or the type allowed to a percent. This news was brought to our knowledge by Colleen Deguzman, Texas Tribune. It was also published on the 1st of September 2021.

This brand new Texas law lets people that have either any form of cancer in any stage or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder make use of medical marijuana. Following the Texas Compassionate use programs. These could make use of very low THC cannabis to help them heal and to help them feel a lot better.

Until this day, the law of medical marijuana was applied to less than six thousand veteran Texans. These people suffered from various disorders like those which were neurological. These neurological disorders included Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. An estimated one hundred and fourteen thousand Texans were suffering from cancer, and presently they are eligible. Also, veterans that have been going through horrible PTSD are eligible to enjoy medical marijuana.

This new law has also doubled the amount of THC that could be used. The marijuana part of plants that could cause the sensation of either being happy or high in medical marijuana products are allowed to be a percentage in the products.

What does the law say about THC cancer patients?

THC could quickly get rid of all of the side effects suffered from chemotherapy. These effects include body pains, a loss of appetite, and nausea.

An example of someone that suffered from this situation was Barbara Bevil from Wylie. She had breast cancer in 2014. There were around eleven tumors available in her left breast. She managed eighteen months of chemotherapy. She also suffered from thirty-three radiation rounds and painful, invasive surgery. You can’t imagine what that must have felt like. Can you imagine if this new law was available that year? She would have felt relief faster and better.

Even though she consumed some marijuana all through the time, she was kicking the ass out of cancer. She stated that marijuana helped her keep her appetite, and it helped her hold on to hope. But because marijuana was illegal. She kept getting marijuana from her friends instead of getting it from the hospital as it is now applicable.

She stated that marijuana wasn’t legal. It was also something that she could not easily access. She would have genuinely preferred it if she could have known about the percentages and all that was inside it. It wasn’t like she could go to the pharmacy and ask them to give her some medical marijuana. She always simply only had the choice to take whatever was given to her by her friends to make her feel better.

What are the effects of THC on PTSD patients?

The effects THC has on PTSD patients include reducing their nightmares, as stated by Dr. Muhammad Assad. He is a psychiatry fellow from the Tech University in Texas Health Sciences Center.

Because people keep coming from situations where there was a lot of trauma, they get highly aroused and very vigilant. This always makes them highly ready for any challenge. Obtaining and making use of medical marijuana calls them down appropriately, as was explained by Dr. Assad.

From Fort Worth in the year 2006, David Bass came home after serving in the army. He, at times, felt like he was still in Iraq. He’s a sixty-four-year-old Desert Storm veteran, and he served twenty-five years in the military, and he has a lot of nightmares about him being under attack in Iraq.

He has stated times without number that he can still smell Iraq, hear Iraq. He still hears all of the rockets going off. These were the things Bass told the Texas Tribune, the people we got all of this information from.

He has been prescribed various medications that could help ease all of the hypervigilance feelings he has been having. But all of these drugs did not help him sleep better. Instead, they ended up making him have flat emotions, and then they made him have thoughts of killing himself.

He stated that taking or consuming marijuana helps him properly organize all of his thoughts, and they help bring him back to planet earth. But all through the time he has been using marijuana, he has been getting all of it illegally for several years.

Presently, Texans eligible to make use of medical marijuana like Bevil and Bass could get it legally in the form of capsules, oils, and edibles. Smoking is still banned, though.

Texas is one of the thirty-six states which allow the usage of medical marijuana, as stated by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

If you are going through any mental health challenge, you could easily reach out to a trained crisis counselor from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You could do this by either texting 741741 or calling 800-273-8255.


We hope you feel way better as soon as possible. If you are also eligible for medical marijuana, like post-traumatic stress disorder or any form of cancer, go to the dispensary and get your medical marijuana today. 

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